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Can it get any easier than having food delivered to your accommodation? Why yes, yes it can. Chef Alex Beard can be booked to come to you. Enjoy the quality and experience of a…

three-star Michelin trained chef in your accommodation

Take the stress and pressure of planning, shopping, cooking and cleaning away so you can take the time to relax with your family and friends.

Dinner Party Menus

3 Course Menu

3 Course Menu

“….as good as you’d get in any restaurant with the luxury of being in your own home”

5 Course Menu

5 Course Menu

“…we still talk about having the meal all over again. Alex is lovely and strikes the perfect balance of attentiveness”

7 Course Menu

7 Course Menu

“…a 7 course tasting menu, to rival (and beat) food eaten in any top restaurant, delivered with a fabulous wine flight”

Menus are created through consultation, taking into consideration your likes, dislikes, preferences, and allergies.

Take Away Delivery from One Delivery

  • Windermere or Ambleside can get a delivery 7 days a week, breakfast to dinner
  • Over 20 independent local restaurants
  • Lakeland retreats guests can get a 10% discount on select suppliers, check your pre-arrival email for details.

One Delivery

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