Discover Self-Catered Luxury Lake District Estates

With extensive grounds and large houses, enjoy the beauty of nature and the rustic luxury of life in one of our exclusive Lake District estates. Take in breathtaking views from your home surrounded by picturesque hiking trails, abundant wildlife, and delightful amenities guaranteed to make daily life something special.

Immaculately Crafted Estates

Our Lake District estates are meticulously crafted with quality materials, giving you a beautiful living space that perfectly marries outdoor nature and indoor comfort.

From gardens and green spaces to our excellent customer service, we take pride in providing every guest with an unforgettable experience.

Delight in the luxurious details of your home away from home such as sumptuous baths, spacious kitchens, and modern comforts like temperature control systems or large-screen TVs.

Natural Panoramas and Dramatic Views

Enjoy stunning panoramas and dramatic views of the breathtaking Lake District landscapes from your individual estate.

Wake up to awe-inspiring vistas of misty mountains, tranquil waters, verdant woodlands, peaceful meadows and more.

For a more intimate experience with nature, walk outside to explore the lush gardens and green spaces – perfect for taking in the beauty of your picturesque surroundings.