Looking for your dream Lake District Cottage?

The Dream Cottage

Are you looking to buy your dream Lake District home? Are you looking for something that will make a return until you retire to the property in years to come?

Lakeland Retreats can help you:

  • Find the perfect house for you. We’ll help you look at how flexible you’ll need to be on location for the size of the property and the amenities to meet your needs.
  • Find quiet locations
  • Find 2-3 bedroom cottages, or larger to suit your needs.
  • With friendly, personable service from our family-run team, you’ll get to know us and enjoy the relationship we’ll build.
  • If your Semi-retired or nearing retirement we can start planning with you now to ensure you have the home you dream of for when you need it.

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Please call 015394 34011 or contact us via the form below and we will be happy to arrange a visit with a free consultation, all at your convenience.

Please note: Due to extremely high demand our response times are reduced at present. Will do our very best to respond to all enquiries as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience.

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