This charity is very close to our heart, being our local hospice, and where Michelle’s late ‘Nana Ada’ spent the last few weeks in 2014.

“There really wasn’t anything the nurses couldn’t do for us (including caramel cremes of an evening!)”

It costs over £3.2 million a year to run St Mary’s Hospice

To continue to provide exceptional care and support for the patients and their families, only 18% of the funding is from the NHS so, this is a local charity we feel we should be supporting!

Over the last 30 years the hospice has helped over 20,000 people in our local area and, with the cost of overnight of care being over £500.00, we are excited to get started!

If you would like to donate to St Marys Hospice

Make a donation or, Try the Orangery Café (it has fantastic cakes and coffee!)

From January a few things that we will be doing are:

  • For every booking we will donate £1.00
  • Spare change envelopes in cottages
  • We will be sponsoring Ambleside Sports with St Marys
  • Volunteering throughout the year
  • Encouraging other businesses to get involved

This is all to help with…

Inpatient Unit

  • Cost per night of care : £577
  • Average cost per meal: £10.30
  • Breakfast for patients on the unit £4.00
  • One hour of patient care : £24

Living Well Afternoon

  • Cost per attendance: £96

Hospice at Home

  • Cost per visit : £234
  • Average fuel cost per visit : £1.00

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