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We showcase our portfolio on our Lakeland Retreats website which was created by the very talented Glyn, our in-house Marketing Manager and this is operated and managed in house.

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To increase exposure and recognition of less well-known properties, we also list all our properties on Airbnb. This helps ensure good levels of interest and of course, bookings from what can often be peoples first choice to search for holiday rentals.

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Local Offices

Our Ambleside and Windermere sites are manned every day, and our knowledgeable team (who know all our retreats personally) are always on hand to offer assistance and recommendations via email, phone, or visit our high street offices.

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How Can I Help Promote My Holiday Cottage Listing?

There are several things you can do as an owner to increase your presence online. If you plan to do any of the tasks below, let us know; we can equip you with some high-quality images to use throughout.

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